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Cartoon Vampire Tutorial

Cartoon Vampire Tutorial

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With Halloween just around the corner, what better way to get into the spirit of the season than with your very own cute cartoon vampire character?!

This Cartoon Vampire Character by Janette MacPherson, Janette MacPherson Cake Craft, was originally featured in our October 2014 issue. In the project, Janette takes you through her step by step guide to creating this spooky but cute vampire!





For the vampire head, press a ball of gumpaste onto the Styrofoam – rolling the Styrofoam and gumpaste between your palms, gently working the gumpaste up around the Styrofoam ball. When it is almost completely covered, use a small amount of water on a brush to ‘glue’ the gumpaste closed. Roll the covered ball gently in your hands to smooth it.



To add the eyes and mouth, use the ball tool to press out two eye socket shapes. Using the leaf tool, mark out a mouth line, opening it slightly at each end. Mark in where the two teeth will go, press in a chin mark, and pull out a little in the centre of the mouth line to form a small lip. Put aside to dry.



.Insert the dowel into a piece of Styrofoam/cake dummy.



To make the vampire body, take a ball of black gumpaste and roll it into a cone shape by pressing more on one side as you roll. Slide the cone shaped body onto the dowel. Using the leaf tool, make two small indents at the base of the body. Roll two small cones of black for feet. Attach the small cones to the indents with a brush dampened with water.



Take a ball of red gumpaste, roll it out, and with a sharp knife or scalpel, cut a rectangle shape long enough to go around the middle of the body. Use the leaf tool to gently draw irregular lines along the rectangle. Attach the red rectangle around the middle of the body with a little water on a brush.



Take a small ball of white gumpaste, roll it out, and cut a shape as shown for the white shirt collar, long enough to go around the neck. Attach the white collar around the neck with a little water, leaving the upper end points loose. Gently curl the points over with your finger.



To make the arms, take a small ball of black gumpaste and roll it into a sausage shape. Taper each end slightly by rolling the ends a few extra times. Cut the sausage into two. Attach the arms to the body in the position shown with a little water, leaving a gap between the ends of the arms at the front of the body. To make the skull on the shirt collar, roll a tiny ball of white gumpaste and attach it to the neck with a little water. Then using the end of a paintbrush, mark on two eye sockets, two nostrils and a line of dots representing teeth.



To make the hands, roll two small equal balls of light blue gumpaste then roll these into teardrop shapes. Flatten the teardrops towards the pointy end then cut a notch out of the side to form the thumb. Make sure you cut opposite sides on the two hands so you get a left hand and a right hand! Attach the two hands’ palms together then attach the joined hands at the front of the body as shown. Angle the hands slightly away from the body.



To make the cloak, roll out a ball of black gumpaste and cut a rectangle shape, long enough to wrap around the body and high enough to reach from the shoulders down to the base of the model. Using a small circle cutter, cut out a bat wing pattern from the rectangle as shown. Brush a little water around the back of the neck and shoulders area. Lay the cloak on the back of the figure and wrap round the shoulders, down to the wrists. Use the leaf tool to press the cloak in at the crooks of the arms. Gently pull the cloak out at the base so that it is not wrapped tightly to the body. Place the cloaked body aside to dry a little.



To make the hair, roll out a ball of black gumpaste and cut a circle with a round cutter the same size as the head. Attach this circle to the back of the head like a cap. To attach the head to the body, trim your dowel to the correct size with the wire cutters, and gently push the head on to the dowel. A slight angle to the head gives a cute look. Roll out some more black gumpaste and cut the shape shown. It should be long enough to go from one side of the head to the other. Use a circle cutter to make the pointed shape. Attach this piece in front of the cap to form the front hairline. To merge the seam between the cap and the front hairline piece, use a little water and carefully blend it.



Next, make the ears. Roll two small balls of light blue gumpaste then shape them into teardrops. Use the leaf tool to make an indent from the bottom of the ears to the middle. Attach the ears in front of the hairline with a little water. Bend the tips slightly to give a more animated look to the vampire.



To finish the hair, roll out some black gumpaste and cut two sideburn shapes as shown, then attach to the sides of the head. Also, cut out the shape as shown for the black collar. Attach the collar around the back of the neck, and gently roll the pointy ends down with your finger.



Finally, add the remaining facial features. Roll two small balls of white gumpaste and attach these to the eye sockets. Paint the eyes pink/red. Roll a small dot of black gumpaste for the centres then a small dot of white for the highlight. Roll two tiny black teardrop shapes for the eyebrows. Roll a light blue teardrop for a nose then pinch it along the length to give it a sharper look. Trim the end with a knife. Paint in a darker mouth line and add two small white teardrop teeth. Petal dusts can be dusted on to add shading.

And that’s Mr. Vampire complete!



Did you enjoy learning how to make this Vampire Character? Check out all of the HOW TO’S on our website including tutorials, recipes and more!


If you’re looking for more spooky characters to bring to life this Halloween, then check out the October 2016 issue of Cake Masters Magazine where you will find a tutorial on making your very own Scarecrow Figure!

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