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Barbie the Nutcracker Tutorial

Barbie the Nutcracker Tutorial

Recreate the beautiful Barbie Nutcracker cake figurine only in the March issue of Cake Masters Magazine! By Barbara Regini, Barbie lo Schiaccianoci – SugarArt, we will break this expert creation down into simple easy to follow steps so that she can come to life in your kitchen!

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Barbara Regini was born in Milan and has been surrounded by art since she was small. She holds the Pantone scale in the stock market instead of makeup. Barbara attended art college, majoring in sculpture and decoration, and enrolled at the Brera Academy to become a restaurateur. She approached sugar art about two years ago and immediately fell in love. She delves into the modelling technique to address a style that combines art and sugar and reinterprets it with irony; she loves to give hidden meanings to her pieces. She teaches various courses, as well as her personal style figurines, in Italy and around the world.


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