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Cake Masters Magazine France – 2018 Top 10 Cake Artist

Cake Masters Magazine France – 2018 Top 10 Cake Artist



We are delighted to announce the Cake Masters Magazine 2018 TOP 10 ARTISTS – FRANCE. This program recognises top talent every year and we are so pleased to announce the following artists as the best in cake decorating and sugarcraft in France for 2018. Congratulations and we look forward to presenting your award at Sugar Paris & Exogato on Friday 20th April at 5pm.


Leila Lys of Cakes Des Lys

Claire Da Silva of Claire DS Créations

Javier Azócar of Luma’s Cakes

Martorana Christine of Sugarland Créatrice sucrée

Nathalie QuiQuempois of Natasel

Patty Manquest of Un gâteau pour tous les goûts by Patty Manquest

Sabine Guilhem of Mlle. Blush

Sébastien Haramendy of Un cupcake l’addition

Virginie El Abdelli of Icing Paradise


Ingrid Avias of Les gâteaux d’Ingrid

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