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Cake Masters Magazine USA – 2017 Top 10 Cake Artist

Cake Masters Magazine USA – 2017 Top 10 Cake Artist

We are delighted to announce our new recognition program in the US! The Cake Masters Magazine TOP 10 ARTISTS – USA. This program recognises top talent every year and we are so pleased to announce the following artists as the best in cake decorating and sugarcraft in America for 2017. Congratulations and we look forward to presenting your award at The Americas Cake Fair in Orlando.


Shawna McGreevy of Cake Heads

Shannon Bond of Shannon Bond Cake Design

Sachiko Windbiel of mimiCafe Union

Natalie Sideserf of Sideserf Cake Studio

Liz Marek of Sugar Geek Show

Fernanda Abarca of Fernanda Abarca Cakes

Chef Benny Rivera of City Cakes

Avalon Yarnes of Avalon Cakes

Myton Ouano of Antonio’s Kitchen

Dawn Parrott of Antonio’s Kitchen


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  • We are so excited about the 2017 Cake Masters Magazine Awards event on the 4th November! Browsing through 2016... https://t.co/9tk1F1NZuZ - https://t.co/9tk1F1NZuZ 1 hour ago

  • Wow! Gorgeous work from Nevie-Pie Cakes https://t.co/5YqWCCO2J1 https://t.co/eIbaYyBjR4 - https://t.co/5YqWCCO2J1 1 day ago

  • We would love to see your spooky creations! - 5 days ago

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