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Get our new issue now!

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The OCTOBER issue of Cake Masters Magazine is out NOW! We have some beautiful autumnal inspired tutorials showing you how to make some fantastic creations, from the impressive harvest basket cover cake, to antiqued steampunk designs

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  1. Mrs Lynn Webb

    Hi, Rosie, its ages since i last contacted you !!!…I’m so very pleased that ‘Cakemasters ‘is still going from strength to strength, i love the magazine, (as i told you many moon’s ago )lol, i have purchased every copy, and they never fail to deliver all the best in cake decorating, and sugarcraft in general .
    I look forward to going into my local ‘WH Smiths ‘and seeing your wonderful magazine, there on the shelf just waiting for me to pick it up, and take it home. I always make myself a coffee and i sit down with no other distractions around me, and i read it from cover to cover, oh, what bliss, then i have to come back to reality again !!!….lol. But with all of those fantastic tutorials, and other information, i keep coming back to have a read (another read, that is ). …!!!
    Well, Rosie i feel I’ve taken up quite enough of your time , and you have done so well in what you’ve achieved, so far, and i hope, that everything goes to plan for your future. (And, I’m very sure that it will )!!!..take care with very kind regards from Lynn Webb. Xxx


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