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How To Engrave A Sugar Message On Your Cake

How To Engrave A Sugar Message On Your Cake

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Learn how to engrave a sugar message on your cake with this step-by-step guide.

Create the whole Raccoon Tree Stump Cake with the project by Danielle Lechuga, of Cup’N Cake, in the October 2016 issue! You can also change the message to create a lovely sugar engraving for all sorts of cake designs.



Add CMC to some white fondant and roll it out to about 1/8” thick. Cut with a 3½” round cutter then roll lightly into an oval shape.


On wax paper use a veining tool to trace over the printed text, pressing firmly to imprint the text on the wax paper.


Place the wax paper onto the white oval and trace over it to emboss the fondant.


Add a little clear vanilla extract to some Rolkem gold super gold dust making a thick paste then use a 00 paint brush to paint over embossed fondant.


Place the oval piece of fondant over where you want to attach it to the cake and cut around it, into the brown fondant. Remove the cut out piece and replace with the white oval.


Roll some brown fondant onto a cake pop stick and create a branch like shape. Use a shell tool to add texture. Insert into the side of the cake and smooth the fondant into the cake so it has a seamless join.



Get the full project in our October 2016 issue!


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