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Cake Masters Magazine
Cake Masters Magazine

It’s time for Back to School Cakes!

It’s time for Back to School Cakes!

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The September issue of Cake Masters Magazine is out NOW! In this extended version of the magazine, we have some great tutorials showing you how to make some fantastic back-to-school creations, from the impressive backpack cake we have on our cover, to the cutest fluffy penguin πŸ™‚

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 Cake Masters Magazine September Issue Cake Masters Magazine September Issue

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  • KIDS CAKE SHARE: Sitting pretty from Dolcidea creazioni https://t.co/nxqTWCUyzh - https://t.co/nxqTWCUyzh 2 days ago

  • Still want that super gold sheen on your cakes? Check out these edible alternatives from The Cake Decorating Compan… https://t.co/Zb8cm6Aqnc - https://t.co/Zb8cm6Aqnc 2 days ago

  • KIDS CAKE SHARE: Love the 2D design on this Where the Wild Things Are Cake from The Costa CupCake Company https://t.co/edI4NAOICM - https://t.co/edI4NAOICM 2 days ago

  • KIDS CAKE SHARE: AWWWWWWW love this cute cake by Maira Liboa Cakes <3 https://t.co/K3LhqbRcGu - https://t.co/K3LhqbRcGu 2 days ago

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