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NOMINATIONS CLOSED – Cake Masters Magazine Awards 2016

NOMINATIONS CLOSED – Cake Masters Magazine Awards 2016

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Cake Masters Magazine Awards Sponsors 2016





For any issues or queries, please email awards@cakemastersmagazine.com



  1. Janie Glover

    Renay Zamora!

  2. Donna M Byrd

    Love Wendy begy’s cakes

  3. iennaco

    cecile beaud is an incredible cake artist

  4. Yvonne Washington

    Loads of lovely people in the industry nowadays too many to mention

  5. Raji Kishor

    The best sugar sculpture cakes made by arati mirchi!

  6. Anjali

    She isेsuperb !!

  7. Anjali

    She is superb !!

  8. Peter

    I’m not sure if my nominations are going through for the awards. Please help.

    • JANINE

      Mine also
      Was on 47% and when i clicked next. Said “you already nominated on this page”

  9. Mª Rosa Miserachs

    Marc Suarez – Le Doux Collage is a real Artist and he is an original Cake Designer.

  10. Mani vinaik

    Have voted for Aarti
    Not sure it has been registered please do check n revert

  11. Eunah

    I love the cakes made by Vicky from Yellow bee company! Her design is absolutely amazing! And has so much fun characters!

  12. Ivy Himiob

    Best learning experience
    Best sugar flowers

    Ornella De Simone

  13. Antonio Guetierrez Torres

    I started tobake and decorated cupcakes just for win some extra money and fun, at the end becomes in my profesion and style of life.
    i know i need to get better, that´s why i´m here.
    thank God for all the support, thanks to my family too.
    God bless you all!!

  14. Sahana Sanjay Bapu

    Exquisite sugar flowers, very realistic work by Arati Mirji

  15. Oleta Edwards

    Kathleen does amazing work and is admired by all.

  16. Treasa

    Edna dela Cruz. She’s the best

  17. Jeanette Iuzzolino

    I just love Edna De LaCruz work!

  18. Monica

    Hello, no sure my nomination to Zoe’s fancy cakes has been submitted

  19. Nina Robinson

    I vote for SugarEd Productions. Sharon teaches her students on the level of understanding for everyone. She is highly informative in the cake and sugar craft community.

  20. Ann H

    Nominate: Haniela Bacova

    Is this the nomination process, or just a comments form?

    • Cake Masters Magazine

      Yes, this is the nominations form.

  21. Palak goel

    I luv the cakes and work done by Prachi Dhabel Deb..Amazing work

  22. saltylass

    Nicholas Lodge – fabulous sugar artist

  23. Nasima Alam

    The cake decorating company.
    Excellent customer service. Always offering amazing discounts and the best prices. Best part is the free delivery over £25 and the speed in which the items arrive. Usually it arrives the next day if ordered in time.

  24. Rosa Toro

    I gave up. It’s almost impossible to do nominations. Should be an easy way to this.

    • Cake Masters Magazine

      Hi Rosa, it works better on laptop and computers. Please email awards@cakemastersmagazine.com for a hard copy form that you can fill in.

  25. Mubarak

    We vote for ‘Mr Rajat Bhatia,’. Truly Artistic, Best Ingredients, and Love for your health! Thumbs Up to Mr Raja Bhatia❤

    Category 14.

  26. Heavenly Delight Cakes

    I nominate
    After 25 years well deserved

    Learning Award

  27. Tina Tsourtsoulas

    Very frustrated with this form I did not finish and it submitted my vote. There should be a better way for something this important.

      • Tina Tsourtsoulas

        The email I sent you was returned undelivered. For those of us that really would like to nominate and have not finished our forms this is very frustrating. It looks like I am not the only one with a complaint.

  28. Antony Thomson

    I have used shesto products before for some time now, as a regular airbrush artist, but I have been defeated by any attempt to vote for your products simply because I read my emails on my phone. (A Sony Xperia) is there no one there who knows how to optimise a website for a phone user? Surely your next step is to address this issue. Your products deserve to win but your website, without optimisation needs dealing with
    So no vote is the result, but I wish you the best of luck, despite not being able to vote for you on a phone….


    • Cake Masters Magazine

      Hello Andrew, we have email you a form that you can fill in if you would prefer to make your nominations this way.


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