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April 2018 Issue




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April 2018 Cake Masters Magazine

This Issue:


How’d They Do That?! Floral Spring Cake Le Doux Collage for Renshaw Europe

Product Review Roxy & Rich Colour Dusts from The Cake Decorating Company

Cake Spaces Stella Pumpkin Cake Design

Cake Collaboration Sugar Art for Autism

Cake Collaboration Amore – a heart for children

Cake Icons Karen Portaleo


Decorative Egg Cake,

Judit Bakes

Textures of Spring Cake,

Good Gosh Ganache

Spring Garden Cake,

CakeHeaven by Marlene

Romantic Florals Cake,

Happy Caking by Domik

Checkered Spring Cake,

Night Kitchen Bakery

Pastel Tutorial Collaboration,

Lori’s Custom Cakes

CAKE! by Jennifer Riley


Tastefully Yours Cake Art

Roses and Bows Cakery by Karen Keaney



Scotland Orange Cake

Rum Raisin Pound Cake

White Chocolate and Strawberry Tiffin

Rainbow Cake


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Baking Wish List

Elevenses – Ask the Expert, Competitions, Book Reviews + More!

Social Snippets – Amazing cakes we have spotted online

Cake Events – Cake events and things we are looking forward to!



Scotland Orange Cake

Rum Raisin Pound Cake

White Chocolate and Strawberry Tiffin

Rainbow Cake

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  • KIDS CAKE SHARE: Sitting pretty from Dolcidea creazioni https://t.co/nxqTWCUyzh - https://t.co/nxqTWCUyzh 2 days ago

  • Still want that super gold sheen on your cakes? Check out these edible alternatives from The Cake Decorating Compan… https://t.co/Zb8cm6Aqnc - https://t.co/Zb8cm6Aqnc 2 days ago

  • KIDS CAKE SHARE: Love the 2D design on this Where the Wild Things Are Cake from The Costa CupCake Company https://t.co/edI4NAOICM - https://t.co/edI4NAOICM 2 days ago

  • KIDS CAKE SHARE: AWWWWWWW love this cute cake by Maira Liboa Cakes <3 https://t.co/K3LhqbRcGu - https://t.co/K3LhqbRcGu 2 days ago

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