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The Power of Music Collaboration

The Power of Music Collaboration

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Taking its inspiration from music, this collaboration features a range of designs that show how music has affected our lives, showcasing artistic pieces made from any sugar art form influenced by the power of music. We spoke to the collaboration founder, Jean Schapowal, to find out more…

The Power of Music Collaboration Cake Masters Magazine

Prima Cakes and Cookies

Tell us about your collaboration

Welcome everyone to the Power of Music collaboration. Our goal here is to have artists create a piece in any sugar art form – be it cake, RKT, isomalt, wafer paper etc. – of a song, album, musical group, piece of music, or musical instrument that has really affected them. It could be a song that was played at your wedding, an album that brings back wonderful summer memories, or even a song that reminds you of your first kiss! Music is an incredibly powerful creative medium and research has shown that many creative types in other mediums play or listen to a lot of music!

Given the recent worldwide political climate, I think music will be playing a greater role in people’s lives. I am not making this political whatsoever, but I know from personal experience that music has played a very important part in my life and I always reach out to it to help me get through things.

What inspired you to do this theme?

I was nearing the 24th anniversary of the death of my sister, and given the climate of things in today’s society, I have always found that music played a big factor in how I handled things.

How many members were in your collaboration?

40 people.

How did you decide on this group of people?

I picked people who had very strong feelings about the music they listen to. A lot of creative people have some sort of music background. These were people who, for the most part, I do communicate with, follow, and am interested in their musical styles.

Some were people I worked with on my previous collaboration, others I was a fan of their work, and some were recommended by other members. There were also a few members who had never been in cake collaborations before, and I felt this was a good opportunity for them!

Did anything go wrong during the process?

No, but as with most group efforts, everyone is incredibly busy so you need to be flexible and offer additional time for others to complete their work. Several members also told me that they struggled to come up with a piece. I really gave people something to think about!

If you were to do it again, what would you do differently?

I was so incredibly proud of my first collaboration and I really wanted to wait until I had a unique idea. I guess it would take another novel idea with heart and soul, and something people could have fun with and express themselves through their work!

If you were to do another collaboration, how should others get involved?

For me, it’s all about other people’s work. I like to offer a variety of mediums, and to showcase artists whose work I admire. If your work is out there across social media, I’ll see it and will definitely approach you. I did ask so many artists this time around, but schedules didn’t offer much flexibility.

However, I’m so excited with who we have on board and love all of the interpretations that have been created!

Find out more about The Power of Music Collaboration, visit: www.facebook.com/groups/1288423241203142

Here are just a few of the collaboration pieces-

The Power of Music Collaboration Cake Masters Magazine

Lovin’ from the Oven


The Power of Music Collaboration Cake Masters Magazine

Prima Cakes and Cookies


The Power of Music Collaboration Cake Masters Magazine



The Power of Music Collaboration Cake Masters Magazine

Cakes with Character


The Power of Music Collaboration Cake Masters Magazine

Doodlebug Cakes


The Power of Music Collaboration Cake Masters Magazine

Cakes by Kristi


The Power of Music Collaboration Cake Masters Magazine

Emma Ball Richards Cakes

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