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Toppers Collection

Toppers Collection

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This month some wonderful cake artists give you the scoop on how to create these amazing cake toppers! Cake Masters Magazine presents to you.. the Topper’s Collection!

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CMM Jan 2018 - Toppers Collection

Queen Of The Crows – Amanda Hedglin, All the King’s Horses Cake Creations


CMM Jan 2018 - Toppers Collection

Orca – Etty Van Urk, Cake Dutchess


CMM Jan 2018 - Toppers Collection

Unicorn – Dina Nakad, miettes


CMM Jan 2018 - Winter Bunny, Agata Wójcik

Winter Bunny – Agata Wójcik, Sugar Creatures Box


CMM Jan 2018 - I Love Panda, Linasari Sunyoto

I Love Panda – Linasari Sunyoto, Sweetlin

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