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Win New Book: The Art of Modelling Chocolate – Competition Ended

Win New Book: The Art of Modelling Chocolate – Competition Ended

Competition Ended

Award winning cake artist Nadia Flecha Guazo from the company ChokoLate has come out with her debut book showing you how to make astonishing models with chocolate!

Just enter your details below and we will select 5 lucky winners! OPEN WORLDWIDE

Closing date: Sunday 9th of May


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COMPETITION CLOSED: Win The Art of Modeling Chocolate!






  1. Heba Elalfy

    She’s my sugar artist super crush and have followed and enjoyed her work from the beginning! I absolutely love her work. <3 <3 <3 I pray to God that I can win her book, how my heart will explode with joy.

  2. Nubia

    love everything

  3. Dhanya

    Would love to win the Art of modeling Chocolate Book..

  4. toni

    Thank you for the opportunityto win this awesome book.

  5. Kerrie Brewer

    Loving your magazine.

  6. Anna

    I hope to be one of the winners of this beautiful book!

  7. Tammie Lovett

    Would love to win.

  8. Mary Heart Lazarte

    i would love to try the modeling chocolate for my future projects! i wish i could win that book!!! 😀 cant wait to open it and start making toppers out of modeling chocolate! 🙂

  9. Viveca

    I would love to win this book!!!

  10. Annette

    Would love to add this book to my cake list.

  11. Sally McCornack

    what an amazing prize from such talent, meaning both the author whom I admire and of course Cake Masters magazine which I eagerly wait for every month for inspiration. Good luck everyone xx

  12. Mengar Thomas

    Awesome work!

  13. charlotte

    Wow how beautiful and amazing ild love 2 be able 2 create a cake like this

  14. Amy Madama

    I want to move my skills to the next level and figure modeling is my goal!! Her work inspires me!!! Would love to have the opportunity to learn her technique

  15. Michelle Dalton

    Modelling chocolate is something I am yet to master. Would love the assistance of this fabulous looking book.


    I would love to win this book!

  17. Winifred Davidson

    The only difficulty would be could I do the modelling before eating all the chocolate.

  18. roxana

    She is so talented , love her work!!!!!!
    would love to win this book!!

  19. Anna

    Anna A.

  20. Ale Luna

    I loooove Nadia’s talent! I WANT her book! 😉

  21. Tatevik

    I would like to win the Modeling book.

  22. Anna A.

    My comment has been removed so I am posting a new one. I wish to win this amazing book!

  23. Fatima

    An amazing book from an amazin talented cake artist. I am a big fan. Good luck Nadia.

  24. Chraneh

    I’m just getting into modelling chocolate & came across Nadia – she’s amazing. Just to see what she can do with a bit of chocolate is inspiring. Would love her book:)

  25. Akiko White

    Nadia is a very talented artist. I would love to have her book. 🙂 Good luck to all!

  26. fozia

    Wow!!! this book looks amazing

  27. Kat

    Astounded! Just to increase my chocolate love affair!

  28. Ann

    To model chocolate instead of just occasionally wearing it will be a ‘Great Adventure’.

  29. Sophie Dolan

    Thank you for the amazing opportunity!

  30. Justyna

    Great prize:) Good luck for everyone:)

  31. Sarah Parker

    great competition 🙂

  32. Christiane

    German Girls Love your work too!!! Hope to win this spezial Book… <3

  33. Karen

    I Love your cakes! Kawaii <3

  34. h2o

    Just an amazing artist!

  35. Rosemarie

    Es la mejor modelando. Si bien no fué la primera en modelar chocolate, sí ha sido la más importante a nivel de creatividad, enseñandonos una nueva forma de tratar con el chocolate y con el modelado de figuras, flores, ropas y todo un mundo lleno de arte y fantasia!! Moi, je l’adore!!

  36. Rosemarie

    Gran artista!! Si bien no fue la primera en modelar con el chocolate y creo que ha sido la figura mas importante en el mundo repostero, descubriendonos lo que se puede hacer con pasta de chocolate. Su gran creatividad y buen gusto dan un nuevo concepto a la decoración de tartas, al modelado de figuras, flores, ropas, creando un maravilloso mundo de fantasia, color y sabor. Moi, je l’adore

  37. Miky

    This would be great

  38. Sabrina

    Bonjour, quels sont les gagnants de ce concours?


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