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WIN Paasche FP-4P Decorator Flow Pencil: August 2017 Elevenses

WIN Paasche FP-4P Decorator Flow Pencil: August 2017 Elevenses

Find the missing Decorator Flow Pens!

Find the 10 hidden decorator flow pens in this busy classroom for your chance to win an FP-4P Decorator Flow Pencil, the cookie, cupcake and cake decorator’s dream by Paasche Airbrush Co. worth over £80! Open worldwide!

Email your answers to content@cakemasters.co.uk

Closing Date: 31st August 2017

Cake Masters Magazine Elevenses Competition

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  • SPRING CAKE SHARE: We love this colourful creation from Cakes by Mina Bakalova https://t.co/M11ErNd3LM - https://t.co/M11ErNd3LM 1 day ago

  • We loved this cake at Sugar Paris such lovely attention to detail ❤️ Disney Pixar - 1 day ago

  • Inspired by Salvador Dali, award winning cakes from Sugar Paris - 2 days ago

  • 1st in the Gravity Defying category at Sugar Paris. Superbly done! - 2 days ago

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